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About Us

Logistics created to empower the enterprise. A logistics born to give more strength to the company. Innocenti Depositi operates through optimized terminals, a network of rail, intermodal and road transport, integrated software systems and advanced technologies for the handling and storage of goods. Above all, we are a team of people who have gained experience and expertise capable of making a difference and quickly solving any problem.
Above all, we are a team of people with the experience and expertise to make a difference and solve any problem quickly.

What we do

Outsourcing of logistics and supply chain, multimodal transportation, automation, and digitally interconnected solutions

Contract Logistics

Interconnected solutions with a high technological profile in offering Contract Logistics projects. We have a flexible and responsive organization that allows us to structure our centers to receive, manage, process and distribute raw materials, semi-finished and finished products in Italy and Europe. Continuous investments in innovative technologies allow us to realize interconnected process automations and to propose information platforms perfectly integrated to the specificities of customers.

Forest Products Logistics

We offer excellent services for publishers, newspapers, paper industry and printers. Warehouses suitable for paper storage, equipped with covered operating areas for loading and unloading, either from trucks or rail cars. We offer technical solutions ranging from "Jumbo reels" to automatic systems for clamp pressure regulation. All under the careful supervision of our skilled staff and state-of-the-art software.


We receive and store large and voluminous quantities of raw materials and semi-finished products in our warehouses and offer, also for industrial logistics, just-in-time distribution service and consequent optimization of inventory management. Thanks to the cooperation with reliable partners and the expertise of people dedicated to distribution, products are delivered quickly and safely.

Order Management

We manage orders according to the principles of FIFO (First In, First Out), FEFO (First Expire, First Out - first expires - first goes out), FPFO (First Product First Out) and LEFO (lastended, firstout). We handle the return and inventory processes in their entirety. We are familiar with all procedures for detopping, packaging, packing and rework of goods. Radio frequency picking ensures individual product traceability from the moment it enters the warehouse to the end customer.

Why choose Innocenti Depositi

The European Network

The European Network of Innocenti Deposits

Across Europe, with maximum flexibility

Rail and road transport

Technology and environmental friendliness

Harmonically conjugated

We always find the needle in the haystack

We thrive in complexity

We have never had any weight problems

We move all kinds of products