Innocenti Depositi

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We offer the most advanced environmentally friendly technologies in the service of unparalleled logistics efficiency.

Railway Terminals

Our answer to environmental sustainability needs. Our interconnected logistics sites and partnerships with major industry players enable us to offer multimodal transportation solutions. Road and sea services complement rail transport, the hallmark of our service throughout Europe.


Third-party warehouse management is the soul of our logistics, along with the handling and distribution of goods. With a logic of perfect just-in-time, we carry out daily operations of receiving, handling, storage and subsequent distribution of consumer goods. Inventory and data flow management is computerized at a high level. Our customers can take advantage of customs warehouses for goods from non-EU countries, tax warehouses for alcoholic products, and even a consignment department.


Industrial logistics requires expertise in handling large and heavy quantities of materials as well as facilities capable of operating quickly and safely. Through its own specialized machinery and specifically trained personnel, Innocenti Depositi is able to handle and move any type and quantity of product, distributing it throughout Italy and Europe. In forest products logistics, Innocenti Depositi is a market leader and has a historical tradition, unique in the industry, which translates into expertise and know-how of excellence.


Your goods where you need them, when you need them. Requirement: make our customer's goods "travel". Solution: select the best channels and means of transportation on a case-by-case basis according to the destinations, types of goods, return times required by the customer. Result: all transportation operations are guaranteed fast and safe.

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